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Sample Presentations

  • Being With Pain: A Mindful Approach to Pain Management
  • Stop the Yo-Yo: Sustaining Weight Loss for the Long Haul
  • Obesity: Etiology, Psychological Complications, & Treatment
  • The Power of Group Therapy for Facilitating Change
  • Behavioral Treatment of Eating Disorders
  • Understanding Women’s Issues: Therapeutic Applications
  • Personality Disorders: The Acting Out Cluster
  • Understanding and Treating Eating Disorders
  • Therapeutic Intervention With Incest Survivors
  • Innovative Treatment Options for Clients with Eating Disorders
  • The Healer's Path: Rediscovering the Heart of Medicine, with Institute for Healing in Society & Medicine, 3-day seminar
  • Improving Relapse-Prevention After Weight-Loss.
  • Helping Couples Change
  • Mindful Relationships

Sample Publications

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     Head, Susan, & Nilsen, Stephanie (February, 2004). Winning at Weight Loss: How to Achieve Life-Long Weight Management and Physical Fitness (A self-coaching workbook). Self-published.

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